YorkTest Food Intolerance

Dr Hilary Jones

An introduction to YorkTest

Weight Management

Reacting to Foods?

YorkTest Laboratories is Europe's leading provider of testing for IgG antibody reactions to foods and drinks; tests which are offered with Nutritional Therapist support. YorkTest have over 30 years experience in this field. Many people talk about suffering from food reactions, whether allergy, intolerance or hyper-sensitivity... Read more

YorkTest Laboratory

On arrival at the laboratory your sample is processed with the utmost care and attention, and all the sample information is stored on a secure IT system. Each sample has a unique number to allow us to track it through the testing process. This enables all the chemical reagents and equipment used... Read more

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How food intolerances can lead you to pile on the pounds

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Two mugs of coffee one hour prior to exercise improves your workout by a THIRD - but experts warn of associated health risks

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Food Intolerance YorkTest Saves Time On Elimination Diets, But Does It Work?

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