Abigail Nicholls

Age: 24
Test Date: 20201125
Symptoms: Acne, Fatigue, Bloating and Stomach cramps
Food Reactions: Gluten, Limes, Kiwi, Peach, Eggs

"I can honestly say i feel like the best and healthiest version of myself - I'm no longer filling my body with things it doesn't like and instead focusing on fuelling it properly. Taking the test was one of my best decisions to date!"

Tell us about your symptoms before you took the test?

My main symptoms prior to taking the test were acne, fatigue, bloating, and stomach cramps.


How long have you had your symptoms?

I began suffering with acne when I was around 20 years old but have suffered with the other symptoms my whole life.


How did your symptoms affect your day-to-day life?

The main symptom for me was my acne, it massively affected my confidence and had me avoiding every mirror in my house! My stomach cramps/bloating left me feeling lethargic all of the time and often led to the cancelling of plans.


What did you feel unable to do as a result of your symptoms? (Activities and hobbies that you could no longer do etc.)

My symptoms caused me to become a lot more inactive than I was when I was younger. I ofter felt too uncomfortable to do anything too physical as I just wanted to lay down because of my bloating. There were also times I cancelled plans with friends or even avoided making them in the first place knowing that I’d likely not be up to it when the time came.


How did you hear about YorkTest? (Through a friend/family member, on the internet etc.)

I came across YorkTest when doing research on intolerances on the internet. I didn’t realise that home tests existed until I found them and began researching other similar companies.


Why did you take a YorkTest? Was there a specific incident that made you decide to take a test with us?

After finding YorkTest online, I put off taking a test for a while in the hope my symptoms would go alway. I couldn’t help thinking about the test every time I ate and especially every-time my symptoms worsened. Eventually I decided enough was enough and it was worth a try!


What solutions had you previously tried before coming to YorkTest?

I had tried to cut out foods I thought could be the cause. I followed various types of ‘detoxes’ online. I went vegan for a while. The list is endless, I tried almost everything there is to try!


Did you seek advice from a specialist/GP? If so, what was the outcome/advice given?

I have seen the GP numerous times about my various symptoms, at separate times as I never though they would be linked. Unfortunately, the help give was always medication that was a ‘quick fix’ and never resolved the issues fully. Everything I was prescribed was a ‘blanket’ treatment and didn’t ever identify the cause of my issues.


What food and drink ingredients were you intolerant to? Were you surprised by the results?

I was SO surprised by results. One of the main ones I was intolerant to was gluten which I never would’ve expected but having looked at symptoms online it all makes sense. I was also intolerant to a few random things like limes, kiwi, peach and eggs.


Once you removed your trigger foods, how did you feel?

Within a week I felt like I had more energy and the bloating stopped as I wasn’t eating the trigger foods. I (and others) found myself to be less grouchy and able to focus more on whatever I was doing without constantly complaining about either fatigue, bloating, or stomach cramps. It was a definitely shock to my system – in the best way!


Are you able to do things you couldn’t do before taking a test? (New hobbies and activities.)

This is one of the biggest results for me – I started going to the gym soon after I began the elimination diet because I felt, for the first time in years, like I had the energy. Since then I’ve stuck to my fitness plan consistently which means I’m working out 5 times a week. I’ve also started waking up earlier feeling energised and just more equipped to go about any day.


How long did it take for you to see an improvement in your symptoms and overall health after removing your food intolerance?

I’d say it took about a week before I could attribute the improvements solely to the elimination of my intolerances. The bloating was gone, the cramps were gone and I definitely felt me energised. For my acne, I saw improvements about one month into the diet and it has just continued getting better since.


Did you see any change in weight through this process?

I haven’t seen any weight changes throughout this process (so far).


How easy did you find the elimination process?

After seeing some results only one week in to the elimination process, I found the rest easy. I think it would have been harder NOT sticking to the elimination diet after realising the benefits of doing it.


Are you still following your diet plan?

I am still very much following my diet plan and it’s been almost three months, it’s more of a lifestyle  now. After feeling the benefits I would be silly not to, and on the occasional times I’ve slipped up I’ve certainly known about it.


What happens if you eat your trigger foods?

If I eat a trigger food the most noticeable symptom is bloating, usually within hours continuing into the next day. I’ve also found that if I eat a lot of my trigger foods for a longer period my acne starts to flare up and takes a couple of weeks of ‘proper’ eating to sort it out again.


How helpful was the nutritional consultation?

I had my consultation with Sara and she was extremely helpful. She answered all of the questions I had an even ones i’d never thought of. I was pleasantly surprised at how professional and friendly she was and can’t thank her enough for the time she took to go through everything with me.


How helpful did you find the Customer Care Team?

Since I first bought the test the Customer Care Team have been incredible. Everyone I have spoken to has been extremely accommodating, friendly, and prompt with answering any questions I’ve had. Thanks to the team!


How has your life changed since taking the test?

It might sound cliche but my life has changed dramatically since taking the test and those that are close to me would agree. I have more energy which has let to me being able to workout consistently and reap all the benefits that also has to offer. My acne has almost completely gone and I couldn’t be happier!