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Investment in employee wellness is linked to higher productivity, loyalty and happiness.

YorkTest provide simple, cost effective, yet potentially life-changing benefits to your employees – Food Sensitivity Testing, Allergy Testing and Premium Nutrition Programs.

We give employees the knowledge they need to improve their diet and manage unpleasant symptoms. Supporting you to create a happier, healthier workforce that can help grow your bottom line!


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    45% of Americans have food sensitivities

    Are your team suffering in silence? Food sensitivities have been linked to a wide range of symptoms and chronic health issues. From IBS, bloating, and weight gain to headaches, skin conditions, anxiety and fatigue.

    Research has found that 54% of sick days are linked to stomach issues and fatigue can cost a company $2,000 per employee per year

    By supporting employees to improve their nutrition and eating habits, you help them to live healthier and more comfortable lives, whilst reducing company sick days and costs.


    Why employees love YorkTest:

    – 82% report improved health and wellness

    – Quick, convenient tests they can take at home

    – Online results in a simple format

    – 1-2-1 nutrition consultations

    – Their whole family can use our services

    The business benefits of employee wellness

    Graph showing the business benefits of investing in Employee Wellness

    Employers must prioritise wellness as well as compensation to recruit, retain, and get the best out of top talent within their company.

    The stats don’t lie:

    – 90% of employers say they saw improved employee performance when promoting company-wide wellness (Source: SHRM)

    60% of organizations saw reduced healthcare costs after implementing an employee wellness program (Source: U.S. Chamber of Commerce)

    – 70% of employees enrolled in a wellness program report an increased level of job satisfaction (Source: Aflac)

    56% of employees say they had fewer sick days due to their company’s wellness program (Source: United Healthcare)


    Why are businesses so excited about working with YorkTest?

    Employee wellbeing at work

    YorkTest has over 40 years of expertise in nutritional testing and optimization. We partner with hundreds of leading organizations to integrate Premium Nutrition Programs, Food Sensitivity and Allergy Testing into their employee benefits packages.

    Access our exclusive benefits:

    – Corporate discount with a range of payment options

    – No subscription fees or long-term contracts

    – We can work with your existing benefits package

    – Ongoing support with your overall wellness program, from lunch and learn webinars to on-site testing days


    “From an operational perspective, working with YorkTest is extremely easy. The end-to-end process is smooth and efficient.”

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