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How It Works

YorkTest offers an at-home test for all our laboratory services and programs. You’ll receive your test in the mail along with instructions on how to complete it. Then, simply send your sample back to us and wait for your results.

When we receive your test, we get to analysing and processing it. We identify the ingredients and allergens affecting you, so you can take the next step in improving your health.

4 Simple Steps To A Better You


Receive your test kit in the mail

You’ll get your allergy, food sensitivity or health test kit in the mail, 1 – 3 business days after you order. Your kit contains a cleansing wipe for your finger, two lancets (single-use), an absorbent wand, a secure container for the wand, and your customer details form. Make sure to carefully check the information on the form is correct to make sure we can send you your results as soon as possible.



Use the easy finger-prick test to draw a sample

Our test process is quick, simple and pain-free. You’ll only feel a tiny scratch when you take your blood sample. After cleaning the top of your finger, take a lancet and gently pierce the skin. Massage up your finger to squeeze out enough blood to saturate the absorbent wand. If you don’t get enough the first time, use the second lancet to help cover the wand – it’s really important to make sure the wand is completely soaked so we can test your sample correctly.

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Mail your sample back to us

Once the wand is totally saturated, carefully seal it in its container. Put the wand, both lancets (whether used or not) and your completed customer form back in the box they came in. Package it up and send it back to us immediately. Once we receive it, your sample will be analyzed and tested for intolerances by our in-house expert team.

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Get your results within 7 days

Once we’ve tested your sample and analyzed your blood, we put together a report and securely send the results back to you online. We include an easy-to-understand guide of your results, so you can start taking back control of your health right away. Your results will include our traffic light-style guide to the level of any intolerance. We provide renowned aftercare too, with nutritional advice and guidance to take forward on your health journey.

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Take the first step in starting your journey to health and wellness. Order your YorkTest and get to the bottom of what’s causing your discomfort so you can make changes for the better.

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