How to Take A Food Sensitivity or Allergy Test At-Home

YorkTest offers a complete home-to-laboratory service for all tests. Your kit is mailed to you with a return envelope included for you to mail your sample back to us. Once your sample has been tested, your results are sent to you.

Taking The Food Sensitivity Test


Taking the Food Allergy Test

How does the test work?

Once you’ve placed your order, we will send you a kit containing everything you need to supply us with a small blood sample. This involves a simple prick of the finger with a small, sterilized lancet, which you can carry out in the comfort of your own home. You then mail this sample to our laboratory in the pre-paid envelope provided and we’ll do the rest!

How accurate are the results?

We are proud to say that our laboratory has a >98% reproducibility rate. This means that, on average, two separate tests carried out with the same person’s sample (taken on the same day) will correlate with each other >98% of the time.

Our laboratory is regularly audited by independent authorities, staffed by fully trained and highly qualified scientists and uses the very latest equipment and procedures to ensure the utmost accuracy.

The laboratory team is overseen by our Scientific Director, Dr Gill Hart, who has been with us since 2005. Dr Hart is a leading UK biochemist and an expert in food intolerance who is passionate about scientific innovation. She has over 30 years of experience in the development and validation of diagnostic tests and testing services.