"I felt amazing, not only did my skin improve with each day, but my brain was also less foggy and my energy levels increased dramatically"

Sara Wilson

Symptoms: guttate psoriasis Food Reactions: dairy, gluten, and white potato
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"I feel much better, so thank you to the team at YorkTest. I appreciate analysing a few samples and providing guidance may not seem that significant to the guys behind the scenes, but it has been life changing for me so thank you again."

Reece Scott

Symptoms: stomach cramps, diarrhoea, sickness, heart burn, bloating, fatigue Food Reactions: cows milk, borderline intolerant to Anise seed, curry powder/leaves and gluten
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"I'm so glad that someone encouraged me to take part in the testing; I can't express enough how helpful it has been to have this new knowledge which has improved my quality of life. YorkTest are a great team and I'd highly recommend them."

Sharon Robson

Symptoms: digestive discomfort, bloating Food Reactions: dairy, eggs, soy, cranberry, gluten
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"I feel alive again!"

Lynn Haigh

Symptoms: brain fog, IBS, tiredness, vomiting, reflux, joint pain Food Reactions: Eggs and Dairy
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"Healthier. Very aware of the importance of a healthy diet"

Sophie Gaffney

Symptoms: Bloating, Feeling Lethargic, Awful Stomach Ache, Nausea Food Reactions: Wheat, yeast, gluten, cows milk, potato and spinach
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"I feel so happy I purchased the YorkTest when I did because I feel healthier and happier"


Symptoms: Crippling pain in stomach,Bloated Food Reactions: Egg white, Barley malt mix, Cows milk
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"Thrilled to bits!! Definitely glad I did the test and have since told others about it and one has tried it. I hope they get good results too!!"

Sarah Pickersgill

Symptoms: Bloating, Excessive Flatulence, Feelings of Discomfort, Not emptying bowels, IBS
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"I can honestly say i feel like the best and healthiest version of myself - I'm no longer filling my body with things it doesn't like and instead focusing on fuelling it properly. Taking the test was one of my best decisions to date!"

Abigail Nicholls

Symptoms: Acne, Fatigue, Bloating and Stomach cramps Food Reactions: Gluten, Limes, Kiwi, Peach, Eggs
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"I feel so much more relaxed about eating."

Devan Kellett

Symptoms: IBS, Bloating, Cramps, Bad Skin, Anxiety Food Reactions: cows milk, borderline egg whites
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"Relieved, having found the cause and more in control now I am able to reintroduce the foods in a measurable way."

Jacob Griffin

Symptoms: Rosacea-like symptoms Food Reactions: Cows milk, egg
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"I feel so much better in my health and wellbeing, I feel a lot less stressed and I am really glad I took the food intolerance test."

Hannah Cocks

Symptoms: Bloating, Gas, Abdominal cramps and pain, headaches, diarrhoea and acne Food Reactions: cows milk, borderline egg whites
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"Much improved, less tired and in better general health."

Julie Beck

Symptoms: Abdominal Pain, Frequent visits to the toilet Food Reactions: cows milk, yeast
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