Mocktails Are The New Cocktails: The Most Popular Non-Alcoholic Drinks In The US

Mocktails Are The New Cocktails: The Most Popular Non-Alcoholic Drinks In The US

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As summer approaches, sipping on a classic cocktail can be a beautiful thing, whether celebrating with friends or winding down, the flavors bring joy to so many.

Although many people are eager to socialize at bars and restaurants, they’re not always ordering beers, wines and cocktails. The last year has continued to see a big surge for non-alcoholic drinks as the sober-curious trend grows, with Google searches revealing there are over 22,200 searches a month for ‘mocktail recipes’.

But the mocktail selection has evolved, with bartenders tapping into products to create drinks that are well balanced and just as tasty as an alcoholic beverage. According to data from Nielson, non-alcoholic and low-alcohol sales increased to $331 million during the last year, with a 315% increase in online purchases further revealing alcohol consumption is at its lowest within the last decade.

Many of us have become aware of the effects of alcohol on our bodies and are more careful with what we are consuming. Mocktails meet the needs of those who might have an alcohol intolerance but still desire something sweet without the hangover – what’s better than that?

To find out just what mocktails are popular in the US in 2022, we looked at a range of mocktail searches on Google to reveal the recipes which Americans can’t stop looking for.


1. Shirley Temple – 14,800 searches

2. Virgin Pina Colada – 9,900 searches

3. Virgin Margarita – 2,900 searches

4. Virgin Mojito – 2,400 searches

5. Arnold Palmer – 1,300 searches

6. Blueberry Mojito – 1,000 searches

7. Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri – 880 searches

8. Virgin Sangria – 390 searches

9. Roy Rogers – 390 searches

10. Virgin Paloma – 170 searches

Coming in first is an American classic, the Shirley Temple. Known to be one of the best and most famous mocktails around, the lemon-lime soda, ginger ale, grenadine, and topped with a maraschino cherry are bringing in a staggering over 14,000 searches a month from Americans looking to make the drink.

The mocktail that has come last but is still quenching Americans’ thirst is Virgin Paloma. The Mexican inspired drink reaches 170 searches on average, still making it one to keep on our radar.


Now we’ve seen America’s golden mocktails, what are the drinks we should be adding to our watch list in summer 2022?

1. Virgin Sangria – 129%

=1.Roy Rogers – 129%

3. Virgin Moscow Mule – 120%

4. Mango Mule – 120%

5. Blueberry Smash – 100%

6. Virgin Mary – 55%

7. Virgin Margarita – 50%

8. Virgin Paloma – 50%

9. Shirley Temple – 49%

10. Arnold Palmer – 14%

Sangria is the quintessential summer drink so it’s little to no surprise the alternative is the most popular mocktail, with a 129% increase in recipe searches. Paying homage to the classic flavors, red grape juice fills the base of this drink with hints of limes, lemons and orange juice to get that refreshing taste.

Classic cocktails with a virgin spin dominated the list with people keen to find alternate recipes for the Virgin Mary, Margaritas and Moscow Mules. Arnold Palmer, the iced tea lemonade, has only seen a rise of 14%.

There are many benefits to swapping out your usual alcoholic beverage for a mocktail. Reducing drinking habits can help you to better your physical health, improve your liver function and gain a healthier sleeping pattern. Many Americans are finding crafting a non-alcoholic drink suits them better and choosing a mocktail as their go-to refreshment.


To determine the most popular mocktails, YorkTest first used Google Keyword Planner to determine the number of Google Searches each month on average for non-alcoholic beverages as well as year on year. These figures were compiled to rank the most popular and fastest rising mocktails in America.

This data compares the increase of searches from April 2021 to March 2022 using Google Searches.


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