Tom Conroy

tom experienced stomach cramps and bloating
Symptoms: stomach cramps, bloating, tiredness

“My lethargy and painful bloating have disappeared – I feel fantastic.”

  • For a few months, Tom suffered uncomfortable bloating and tiredness after mealtimes.
  • He felt too tired to pursue his hobbies.
  • He had picked up an infection on holiday which he suspected triggered his symptoms.
  • A friend suggested food sensitivity testing.
  • He cut out his trigger foods and his symptoms disappeared with his energy levels soaring.


HR manager Tom Conroy noticed that he often felt bloated and uncomfortable after eating. He also got stomach cramps and struggled with tiredness. This had a major impact on his social life as he often felt too lethargic to do anything after work, apart from slump on the sofa.

“My partner and I ballroom dance and I was too tired and uncomfortable to dance as much as I wanted to,” he explains. He also suspected what the initial trigger was for his condition. “I picked up a parasite on a family holiday to Singapore and I think it triggered my intolerances – I didn’t have any health issues before that.”

Tom had been referred to a specialist to treat the parasite, but treatment didn’t clear up his digestive problems and lethargy, so he had to search for alternatives. “I was discussing my symptoms with the MD of the occupational health company we use at work and she suggested trying food sensitivity testing and recommended yorktest.”

The process involves a simple pinprick blood sample which is sent back to the company’s laboratory to be analyzed for reactions to up to 208 food and drink ingredients. The test results revealed Tom was reacting to a number of ingredients in varying degrees.

“Far more than I wanted or expected,” remembers Tom. “But rather than cut out certain foods, I eliminated them all from my diet and there was an immediate effect. I felt it would be easier this way rather than trying to identify which generated the greater reaction, as it wasn’t worth being ill.”

It certainly took discipline to cut out the ingredients from his diet, and Tom found it very difficult. However, he persevered and not only did his symptoms clear up, but he also lost nearly 2 stone in three months.

Now with his new-found energy levels and slimmer frame, Tom can resume his passion for ballroom dancing. He hasn’t looked back but if he does eat his trigger foods, the painful, uncomfortable symptoms return. “I have to be more careful when eating out, but the testing has had such a positive impact on my life. I finally don’t feel lethargic and uncomfortable.”

yorktest advise that you consult with your doctor first if you are experiencing the types of symptoms mentioned in this testimonial.