Toby Forrest-Charde

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Age: 4
Symptoms: bloating, loose stools
Food Reactions: wheat, peanuts

" Toby has been much more comfortable and happy now that he can play with friends "

“Toby has been much more comfortable and happy now he can play with friends”

4 year old Toby had suffered with bloating and loose stools since birth. Toby’s symptoms made it difficult for him to be fully involved in playing with friends or attend parties, leaving him unable to enjoy a carefree childhood. Toby’s condition made it inconvenient for him and his parents when needing to use the bathroom at very short notice.

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After endless trips to the doctor and keeping a food diary which did not produce any definitive results, Toby’s parents came across YorkTest on the internet. After taking a Junior Food Sensitivity Test with YorkTest, Toby discovered that his body was producing IgG antibodies when encountering wheat and peanuts. The intolerance to wheat caught Toby’s parents by surprise as they were never told about cutting out this ingredient from his diet.

When asked how Toby felt after removing his trigger foods, Toby’s parents added: “It was like night and day for Toby once we excluded wheat from his diet – transformed over night and he was much more comfortable”.

The Junior Food Sensitivity Test analyses your IgG reactions to 100 food and drinks – from common ingredients like cow’s milk, wheat and egg white, to health superfoods like kale and quinoa.

The process, which involves sending a finger-prick blood sample to the company’s laboratories revealed the foods that Toby was reacting to, in an easy-to-read traffic light-style format, indicating which foods were highly reactive and which ones were only slightly reactive.

When asked how they found the elimination process, Toby’s parents said they found the whole process challenging at first but soon got used to removing wheat from Toby’s diet. This was made easier thanks to the availability of gluten free foods in the supermarket. Toby’s now following a strict diet plan to avoid his trigger foods and his symptoms flare up . According to his parents, “since the test we have been able to work with our doctor to get a letter that has enabled Toby to receive gluten free meals at school now which is transformative”. His family also found the customer care team were “helpful, informative and polite”.

When Toby and his family were asked how they would summarize their experience with YorkTest, Toby’s parents concluded with: “Toby has been much more comfortable and happy now that he can play with friends and not worry about eating triggering issues. 100% worth the money, would recommend to all my friends and family”.