The Most Popular Thanksgiving Recipes in Every State This Year

The Most Popular Thanksgiving Recipes in Every State This Year

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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, preparation is well underway. This year, though, you may see less turkey on Turkey Day.

A Thanksgiving with no turkey? This may seem drastic to some – it is an iconic main, after all – however, a recent study found that roast turkey isn’t the most popular Thanksgiving recipe in 2022. Instead, people across America are searching for more meat-free recipes to impress.

The study saw YorkTest scour Google Keyword Planner data over the past year to determine which Thanksgiving recipe each state has a growing appetite for.

So, “what’s for dinner?”…

Although the turkey remains an iconic centerpiece for many, the recipe with the biggest rise in searches across America (3,883% higher than last year), and the most popular dish to be served during the November holiday, is, baked brie!

Everyone celebrates Thanksgiving differently, though. Below, look through a state-by-state breakdown of the most popular holiday recipes this year. How has your state fared?

The most popular Thanksgiving recipes in each state in 2022

StateRecipeIncrease in appetite for 2022
AlabamaRoast Turkey200%
AlaskaBaked Brie / Glazed Carrots100%
ArizonaBaked Ham133%
ArkansasTurkey Soup / Cranberry Sauce / Corn Casserole50%
CaliforniaTurkey Roulade300%
ColoradoBaked Brie182%
ConnecticutBaked Sweet Potato129%
DelawareBaked Brie150%
FloridaRoast Turkey89%
GeorgiaTurkey Soup57%
HawaiiTurkey Pot Pie100%
IdahoRoast Turkey100%
IllinoisTurkey Soup100%
IndianaStuffed Butternut Squash150%
IowaStuffed Butternut Squash200%
KansasRoast Turkey200%
KentuckyBaked Brie / Stuffed Butternut Squash100%
LouisianaBaked Brie120%
MaineTurkey Pot Pie200%
MarylandStuffed Butternut Squash133%
MassachusettsBaked Brie84%
MichiganTurkey Soup91%
MinnesotaTurkey Pot Pie120%
MississippiBaked Brie133%
MissouriStuffed Butternut Squash100%
MontanaGlazed Carrots150%
NebraskaBaked Sweet Potato150%
NevadaRoast Turkey100%
New HampshireCorn Casserole150%
New JerseyRoasted Parsnips100%
New MexicoCorn Casserole125%
New YorkTurkey Soup85%
North CarolinaTurkey Soup180%
North DakotaBaked Brie / Baked Ham / Sweet Potato Pie100%
OhioRoasted Parsnips100%
OklahomaCorn Casserole129%
OregonCorn Casserole133%
PennsylvaniaRoasted Parsnips100%
Rhode IslandTurkey Soup400%
South CarolinaBaked Brie88%
South DakotaGlazed Carrots350%
TennesseeCranberry Sauce133%
TexasStuffed Butternut Squash57%
UtahCorn Casserole200%
VermontTurkey Soup300%
VirginiaGlazed Carrots85%
WashingtonCranberry Sauce100%
West VirginiaBaked Brie150%
WisconsinApple Crisp124%

Vegetarian mains are soaring in popularity

Corn casserole and stuffed butternut squash have soared in popularity as the most searched-for recipes in six states, with a 200% search increase for corn casserole in Utah and stuffed butternut squash in Iowa. Since about ten percent of Americans over the age of 18 consider themselves vegan or vegetarian, these are most likely the go-to veggie mains for this year. 

Turkey soup is the solution to leftovers

Leftovers? No problem! Turkey soup has also soared in popularity as the most popular Thanksgiving recipe in eight states, undoubtedly to fill lunch boxes around the nation for the following week. Unless, you’re from Rhode Island, where a 400% search increase for turkey soup means you’ll probably be eating it for the next month!

Baked brie to bring everyone together

Baked brie has become the most searched for recipe in ten states, but nobody loves the gooey delicacy more than the people of Colorado. A popular 90s party dish, the baked brie was designed for entertaining, so it’s no surprise that it’s making a comeback for the national get-together.

Kerri Ferraioli, expert nutritionist at YorkTest, commented on the research:

“Baked brie is a great party centerpiece, however, considering around 65% of the global population is intolerant to lactose, this popular recipe may well leave you unable to get your party hat on. To avoid any discomfort this Thanksgiving, we suggest doing a food sensitivity test to see what food you can get stuck into without getting weighed down.

“Traditionally, Thanksgiving is a very turkey-focussed celebration, so it’s great to see a rising appreciation for vegetarian and vegan recipes across the nation – butternut squash is a great source of antioxidants, including vitamin C and vitamin E.

“Using leftovers for turkey soup is a great way to ensure you have healthy and nutrient-rich lunches prepared for the week after Thanksgiving.

“When getting stuck into your Thanksgiving feast, it’s easy to eat something that may not agree with you. Be sure to keep an eye out for symptoms of food sensitivity.”


YorkTest analyzed Google Keyword Planner data from the US over the course of a year, to determine which Thanksgiving recipes have had the biggest change in searches, to reveal the most popular Thanksgiving recipes for 2022. Data up to date as of November 2022.


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