The Most Popular St. Patrick’s Day Recipes in Every State This Year

The Most Popular St. Patrick’s Day Recipes in Every State This Year

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With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to get out your green garments and shamrocks. This year, however, there appears to be a lack of interest in the hearty meat and potato-based dinner recipes such as potato soup or beef stew, and instead an increased interest for home-baked items, such as Irish soda bread, Barmbrack, and Irish pasties.

St. Patrick’s Day celebrates the heritage of approximately 31 million Irish Americans living in the US, and although many of their ancestors’ traditional meals rank high in individual states, it appears there’s a growing interest for on-the-go, shareable, and carb-based baked goods. With a 1,823% rise in searches for a full Irish breakfast and a 1,062% rise in searches for boozy Irish coffee, it looks like Americans are planning to kick off their St. Patrick’s Day as soon as they wake up.

But which recipes are Americans looking at this year, and how does it differ by state?

YorkTest has scoured Google Keyword Planner data over the past year to determine which St. Patrick’s Day recipe each state has a growing appetite for.

Although hearty meals such as Dublin coddle and fish pie saw an increase in searches, the recipe with the biggest rise in searches across America (2,813% higher than last year), and the most popular dish to be served during the springtime holiday, is baked soda bread!

Below, look through a state-by-state breakdown of the most popular holiday recipes this year. How has your state fared?

StateRecipeIncrease in appetite for 2023
AlabamaDublin Coddle100%
ArizonaFull Irish Breakfast125%
ArkansasCured Salmon100%
CaliforniaIrish Coffee (GF but not DF)83%
ConnecticutBoxty and White Pudding29%
DelawareColcannon (not DF)75%
FloridaIrish Shortbread100%
GeorgiaWhite Pudding56%
HawaiiFish Pie100%
IdahoCured Salmon, Full Irish Breakfast, Fish Pie and White Pudding100%
IndianaIrish Soda Bread2438%
IowaCured Salmon and Full Irish Breakfast50%
KansasCured Salmon100%
KentuckyBrown Bread56%
LouisianaCured Salmon133%
MaineDublin Coddle300%
MarylandCured Salmon29%
MassachusettsIrish Shortbread100%
MichiganBrown Bread85%
MinnesotaWhite Pudding80%
MississippiCured Salmon100%
MontanaIrish Coffee24%
NebraskaIrish Coddle200%
New HampshireFull Irish Breakfast200%
New JerseyFull Irish Breakfast100%
New MexicoWhite Pudding100%
New YorkIrish Pasties100%
North CarolinaIrish Pasties100%
North DakotaBangers and Mash57%
OhioIrish Pasties50%
OregonIrish Coffee60%
PennsylvaniaIrish Pasties100%
Rhode IslandFull Irish Breakfast and White Pudding100%
South CarolinaIrish Pasties1000%
South DakotaSeafood Chowder200%
TennesseeFull Irish Breakfast40%
TexasIrish Shortbread200%
UtahFull Irish Breakfast200%
VirginiaIrish Shortbread100%
West VirginiaBlack Pudding35%
WisconsinIrish Pasties100%

Convenience is key

Still celebrating with friends, but not keen on the fuss of a sit-down meal? No problem. Baked soda bread and barmbrack both soared in popularity with a 2,813% and 1,089% rise in searches. Both breads are simple but delicious and are easy to put a personalized twist on, by adding sultanas, raisins, nuts or even Guinness! Interest in cured salmon is also on the rise, ranking first in most states (8) with an overall search increase of 1,016%.

Baked goods are on the rise

Irish pasties, which are essentially beef and potato stew wrapped in pastry, are a great, filling, on-the-go food to enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day. They have soared in popularity, as the most searched-for recipe in six states, with an overall search increase of 1,567% across the US.

A Full Irish Breakfast to start the day

The full Irish breakfast was the second most searched-for recipe, ranking highest in eight states with an overall search increase of 1,823%. The filling breakfast consists of bacon, sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans, eggs, boxty, Irish soda or brown bread, and black or white pudding (which also saw a huge 1,369% increase in searches, perhaps due to it being a key component of this breakfast). Traditionally designed to keep farmers full throughout the day, the full Irish breakfast is now fulfilling a similar purpose for people across the US.

Kerri Ferraioli, expert nutritionist at YorkTest, commented on the research:

“Irish soda bread is a traditional and clearly quite popular quick-bake bread that relies on baking soda, not yeast, to rise. People often think of soda bread as gluten-free because it doesn’t use yeast to leaven the bread, however, it’s important to know that there’s still flour in the bread, which makes it not gluten-free.

“Considering around 6% of the US population is intolerant to gluten, this popular recipe may leave you feeling bloated this holiday. To avoid any discomfort this St. Patrick’s Day, we suggest doing a food sensitivity test to see what food you can get stuck into without getting weighed down.

“St. Patrick’s Day celebrates the Irish heritage of approximately 31 million Irish-Americans living within the US, but this celebration also comes with a lot of parades and an 819% increase in Guinness consumption. With Guinness being such an iconic part of the Irish holiday, testing for gluten intolerance prior to the celebration means you’ll know if you can enjoy the traditional barley-based beverage without any discomfort, whether it’s as a pint or incorporated in Irish soda bread.

“When trying many of the popular Irish dishes, it’s easy to eat something that may not agree with you. Be sure to keep an eye out for symptoms of food sensitivity.”


YorkTest analyzed Google Keyword Planner data from the US over the course of a year, to determine which St. Patrick’s Day recipes have had the biggest change in searches, to reveal the most popular St. Patrick’s Day recipes for 2023. Data is up to date as of March 2023.


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