New Study Reveals Most Popular Baking Recipes For Americans in 2022

New Study Reveals Most Popular Baking Recipes For Americans in 2022

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Baking has become a staple for many Americans over the years, bringing families together over cakes, cobblers and crumbles.

There have been over 15,000 searches for ‘baking recipes’ alone within the last month and this is likely to continue as we enter the colder months, as the famous words “on your marks, get ready, bake!” make a return to our screens. The famous baking series, The Great British Baking Show (GBBS) has marked its return to Netflix with weekly episodes returning every Friday.

Nothing compares to the wonderful aroma of freshly baked bread or cookies which tingles the taste buds. And the beauty of baking is that recipes can be catered to everyone. If you are sensitive to gluten, or have a food sensitivity, many baking recipes are easy to adapt to flourless alternatives.

But are the classic recipes such as a pecan tart still America’s favorite or have modern recipes taken the top spot?

We analyzed 200 popular recipes using Google searches to find out what Americans are looking to bake, including “cream pie recipe”, “peanut butter cookie recipe” and “chocolate cake recipe”.

We then calculated the difference in monthly searches between August 2021 and August 2022, to reveal which recipes are rising in popularity and which aren’t.

The top 20 fastest-rising baking recipes in the US are:

1. “Magic cake recipe” 646.00%

2. “Pastry heart recipe” 250.00%

3. “Fig tarte tatin recipe” 200.00%

4. “Kiss cookie recipe” 143.00%

5. “Chocolate fudge pie recipe” 136.00%

6. “Shortbread tea cakes recipe” 125.00%

7. “Blueberry muffin recipe” 123.00%

=7. “Cream pie recipe” 123.00%

9. “Caprese cake recipe” 100.00%

10.“Lemon meringue cookies recipe” 89.00%

11. “Cranberry pie recipe” 88.00%

=11. “Cream cheese bar recipe” 88.00%

12. “Monkey bread recipe” 83.00%

=12. “Chocolate chip cookies recipe” 83.00%

13. “Cinnamon roll recipe” 82.00%

=13. “Peanut butter cookie recipe” 82.00%

14. “Swiss roll recipe” 81.00%

=14. “Cruffin recipe” 81.00%

15. “Chocolate potato recipe” 80.00%

=15. “Cherry skillet recipe” 80.00%

Magic cake is the fastest-rising baking recipe in America

Magical as the name suggests, Magic Cake looks to be set as the most popular bake of 2022. Searches for “magic cake recipe” had a 646% increase in the last year, from 590 to 4400 searches per month.

Making a name for itself after going viral on social media, the custard-based dessert is perfect for a quick snack or to serve at a dinner party. Made with only eggs, flour, sugar and milk this can be whipped up in an instant and reduces the need to buy extra ingredients.

Classic American staples such as blueberry muffins and chocolate fudge cake continue to prove popular as the two sweet treats made it into the top ten, seeing blueberry muffins rise 123% in the last year.

Country vanilla sponge has been revealed as the bake falling towards a soggy bottom

The traditional vanilla sponge cake has seen a staggering 86% drop in searches within the last year.

This classic moist single-layer vanilla cake has a delicate texture and the old-fashioned browned-butter glaze adds a nutty flavor. However, when trying a new recipe it can be appealing to try something that is more exciting and fresh.

Kerri Ferraioli, a nutritionist at YorkTest, commented on the findings: “It’s no surprise that magic cake, a viral recipe, has come top place as TikTok users have steamrolled this recipe to new heights.”

“The magic cake recipe is that it’s so simple and most of the ingredients will most likely already be in the cupboards. Magic cake can easily be adapted by adding blueberries which are high in vitamins C and K or could even create a lemon flavored version.

“With fall fast approaching and the Great British Baking Show back on our screens, Americans are always inspired to search for new recipes. Although it is interesting to see pecan pie decrease in searches as that is always a firm favorite for winter, as well as opera cake. This suggests  many Americans are craving quick recipes with fewer ingredients and it will be interesting to see what is popular next year.”

When you’re cooking and baking, if you’re concerned that there may be an ingredient that you’re intolerant to, check out our Premium Food Sensitivity Test.


To reveal which recipes had the highest and lowest drop in searches, YorkTest used monthly Google search data from Google Keyword Planner.

These searches were filtered to the United States overall, and also each individual state.

The average monthly searches were taken from August 2021 and August 2022, to establish the difference in interest in the last 12 months.


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