Why Do We Eat So Much Sugar?

Earlier this year the World Health Organisation published recommendations to cut down global daily sugar intake to just 25 grams a day. Similarly, scientists have asked the UK government to revise its recommended daily sugar intake by half, to help start the “wake-up call we need to rethink our diet”.

It seems that we’re in a sticky situation with sugar, and the only solution is to cut down. Which is all well and good, providing that we know how much of the sweet stuff we’re eating in the first place.

The reality isn’t always so simple. With often unclear information on how much sugar is in our food, and a general lack of knowledge about sugar guidelines, cutting down on sugar can often seem difficult and complicated. That’s before mentioning the hidden sugar present in some surprising everyday foods, meaning that even if you think you’re already eating a healthy amount, you could be in for a shock.

If there’s one thing that we do know about sugar, it’s that we’re eating too much, too often. But how much is too much, where is this sugar coming from, why is it even bad for us, and have we always eaten this amount?

To cut through the stats and get to the bottom of sugar, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about sugar below.

Why do we eat so much sugar?

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