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Supporting the call for women to go to see their GP if they are experiencing bloating

New research has found that women in the UK are more likely to consider changing their diet than visiting their GP when confronted with bloating, which is a major symptom of ovarian cancer.

A survey by Target Ovarian Cancer has shown that, when faced with the prospect of persistent bloating, women are more likely to eat more probiotic yoghurts or eliminate gluten, rather than visit their GP.

Half (50 per cent) of UK women questioned by YouGov said they would do something with their diet, whereas one in three (34 per cent) said they would see a doctor if they were concerned about bloating.

While bloating can be a symptom of a food intolerance, here at YorkTest we always advise that anyone with any medical concerns, including bloating, should visit a GP first to rule out any underlying conditions before undertaking one of our programmes.

The reluctance to go to the GP is further demonstrated in our YorkTest 2017 Customer Survey, which also found that many people do not seek advice from their doctors regarding their symptoms. Although 62% of customers sought advice from their GP, 38% however did not.

Again, even though YorkTest is delighted that customers see us a prime point of contact for the food intolerance symptoms they are experiencing, people should always visit their GP in the first instance.

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