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The Great British Bake Off – A Food Intolerance Survival Guide -Week 4 – Dairy

The Great British Bake Off – A Food Intolerance Survival Guide -Week 4 – Dairy

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You could cut the tension in the Bake off tent with a palette knife this week as the contestants competed with the heat to perfect their puddings. There were some stunning showstoppers and the signature sticky puddings had us fancying a fondant (or three) but we were sad to see Iain lose his cool when his baked Alaska met a sticky end. We were especially pleased to see the bakers tackle the tiramisu technical and it got us thinking about alternatives for the dairy intolerant. We challenged the Nutritional Therapists to provide a cheese free recipe. How did they do? Well, the proof is in this pudding:

Delicious Dairy Free Tiramisu

For the tiramisu

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