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The Food Intolerance Test Journey with Sarah and Ange

The Food Intolerance Test Journey with Sarah and Ange

2 minute read time

If you’ve been feeling unwell and have considered taking a food intolerance test to discover whether something in your diet could be responsible, you may be wondering what the process involves.
For those of you who are debating whether to take a test, we wanted to showcase how easy the yorktest journey is. When two of our members of staff from our finance team informed us they were due for a re-test we jumped at the chance to record their experience and show you how the test and nutritional support has the ability to change the way you feel for the better!

Sarah explains her reasons for taking the test…

sarah test 2 resized

Jenna; “Sarah why did you decide to take the Food&DrinkScan programme?”

Sarah; “It has been so long since I last took a test and I have persistently not been feeling myself for a few months now.”

Jenna; “What have been your symptoms?”

Sarah; “The only way I can explain it is feeling sluggish and tired. I have also been suffering with dry skin which is unusual for me.”

Jenna; “What are your expectations from taking the test?”

Sarah; “When I receive my results I’m going to give it 100%!! I really want to know what to avoid to stop me from feeling so tired.”

After receiving her testing kit, Sarah quickly filled in the paperwork and set about collecting her blood sample. To show you how simple it is we videoed Sarah taking her test.

Ange, who works alongside Sarah, was just as keen as Sarah to get to the bottom of her ongoing symptoms as she explained to Jenna…

Jenna; “Ange why did you decide to take the Food&DrinkScan Programme?”

Ange; “I thought it was about time I had a re-test as I am no longer following my previous elimination diet and I have been feeling unwell for a while. My symptoms don’t affect my life too severely so to be honest I have just been putting up with it but now’s the time to sort it out.”

Jenna; “What benefits are you hoping from the test?”

Ange; “I have low energy which I have been putting down to having a child but he’s now 7 years old so I know that’s not the reason for my tiredness. I would like to also like to use the test to start eating smarter in order to lose some weight. I have been suffering from low mood too which I have been wondering if that is being caused by a food intolerance.”

Jenna; “How do you think you will adapt to a new diet? You will most likely need to eliminate some foods if your test is positive.”

Ange; “It may well be challenging at first but I’m determined to do something to change the way I’ve been feeling. I’m expecting to be cooking from scratch – no jars!”
Ange also breezed through filling in the paperwork and taking the test…

We can’t wait to see how Sarah and Ange get on with implementing their new diet plan. Stay updated via #SarahAndAnge on Twitter and Facebook for the latest developments!


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