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The Food Intolerance Test Journey with Sarah and Ange – Part 2

The Food Intolerance Test Journey with Sarah and Ange – Part 2

4 minute read time

After only a few days of taking their food intolerance tests, Sarah and Ange’s results landed on their desks! With a slight air of anxiousness Sarah and Ange wasted no time in opening their food intolerance test results to discover their trigger foods. We caught up with them during the big reveal to discover their initial thoughts and reactions.

Sarah wasn’t surprised by her results as she had already discussed with us that she felt sluggish and tired after eating certain foods. Her test showed a number of potential problem foods, with reactions to yeast, cow’s milk, wheat, acai berry, agave, redbush tea, hemp and zinfandel grape.

Feeling slightly daunted by the amount of foods Sarah decided to focus on the top 3, yeast, cow’s milk and wheat, until she spoke to one of our Nutritional Therapist for further advice and support.

Jenna – “Are you surprised about your results?”

Sarah – “No not at all! I know that yeast makes me feel bloated, gives me stomach pain and IBS symptoms after about 3 days. I drink milk all the time so it’s difficult to know what symptoms that may be causing but I do get a lot of phlegm and dry skin which could be associated with it. I literally have cow’s milk throughout the day, in drinks, cereal, cheese, yoghurts, chocolate and puddings. I have previously tried coconut milk in coffee which I enjoyed so I might give that a go again and revert to fruit teas.”

Ange results_613x261

When Ange opened her results she looked pleasantly surprised! Ange only showed a positive reaction to yeast and cow’s milk. However she was under no illusion that yeast and cow’s milk can be challenging to eliminate. We asked Ange how she felt about her results;

Jenna – “How do you feel after reviewing your results?”

Ange – “I feel really surprised, I really thought that more foods would come up as problem foods so I’m pleased I only have two to eliminate.”

The next stage for Sarah and Ange was to have a consultation with one of yorktest’s Nutritional Therapists to give them help and support to eliminate the trigger foods within their diet. This would enable Sarah and Ange to safely and effectively remove the trigger foods without depriving their bodies of any essential nutrients by replacing the foods with alternatives. We caught up with them shortly after to find out how they were feeling…

Jenna – “Did you find your Nutritional Therapy consultation helpful?”

Sarah – “Yes it was excellent, I wasn’t sure if I would find a consultation very useful but I now don’t think I could have attempted the elimination diet without it.”

Ange – “I loved it, I felt like I learnt a lot. It definitely helped.”

Jenna – “What main points did you take from the consultation?”

Sarah – “Sarah the Nutritional Therapist that I spoke to told me not to focus on what I needed to stop eating but instead what I needed to start eating and replace foods with those options. It made me feel more positive about the elimination diet and that I just need to get into new eating habits.”

Ange – “I need to eat lots more fresh food! The convenience food that I eat is what contains lots of yeast and that is the main food that I need to avoid. I’ve been making a lot of food from scratch even making my own chicken stock!”

sarah's shopping_613x261

Jenna “I take it you’ve started buying new foods when you’ve been out shopping?”

Sarah – “Yes, Mrs Crimbles Macaroons are a revelation! They have given me a sweet treat whilst avoiding my trigger foods. I have felt that I don’t want to deprive myself of foods I enjoy nor do I want to spend a fortune when I go shopping on free from foods. I want to eat the right things and replace my trigger foods without feeling like I am missing out. It has been a challenge.”

Ange – “I soon realised that I needed to think of a variety of meals instead of the quick convenience food I usually throw into the oven. I need to check the ingredients on everything I buy – I have been really surprised about what ingredients are hidden in foods.”

Jenna – “What have you found to be the most challenging change/elimination?”

Sarah – “It’s hard to find quick, convenient items when you don’t have time to cook! Processed, convenience foods have a lot of wheat and yeast in them. I would rather make food myself but often I don’t have the time. Cheese has been difficult to avoid as it seems to be in a lot of foods due to the melting effect.”

Ange – “I have a family so it’s really difficult still buying them the same foods but I’m having to eat different things. That for me has been the most challenging thing.”

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