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Spring Clean Your Kitchen Cupboards

Spring Clean Your Kitchen Cupboards

2 minute read time

With the warmer, lighter days approaching, thoughts tend to turn to the fresh starts and positive changes needed to help put a spring back in your step.

Traditionally reserved for the scrubbing of the house, the ‘Spring Clean’ brings about a sense of renewal essential for a fresh start.

So, just as we make time to declutter our closets, arrange the attic or sort out the shed, cleaning out the kitchen cupboards is important to ensure a healthy, happy you.

Check the Date

We’ve all got something suspect lurking at the back of the cupboard. An ingredient bought for a specific purpose that never got used or a suspicious tin of food you never quite fancy but can’t face throwing away.

When it comes to your cupboards, brutal is best. Ask yourself; ‘is the food still edible?’, ‘is it for a particular meal?’ and even ‘am I likely to eat this?’ If the answer is no, it needs to go!

Remove Temptations

If you’re taking steps to cut down on sugar or processed foods, make sure you don’t derail your good intentions. Only stock ingredients which help you achieve your health goals, including healthy grab and go snacks, to stop you reaching for the crisps or biscuits when you get a snack attack!


It’s easy just to throw things back in the cupboard or fridge after cooking but taking the time to properly seal and store your ingredients will ensure they last longer with less waste. Supermarkets make liberal use of plastic packaging but this can encourage fruit and veg to ‘sweat’. Taking your produce out of the packaging and storing in containers will help ensure you get a longer life. Another good tip is to keep your lovely fresh fruit and veg in sight if you can. Out of sight often means out of mind and before you know it, you have a sad bag of mouldy peppers to consign to the bin. Remind yourself of all the delicious meals you can make and keep those ingredients close at hand!

Remember your Trigger Foods

Discovering your Food Fingerprint – the foods which do and don’t agree with you is an important step in helping to optimise your diet and your wellbeing. However, with so many alternative names for common ingredients used on product packing, it can be difficult to avoid your trigger foods.

Being aware of the alternate names for ingredients such as dairy, yeast, wheat, gluten and eggs means you have a better understanding of the products you should look to remove from your cupboards.


Haven’t yet discovered your trigger foods but suspect something in your diet is causing you problems? Find your food fingerprint with the yorktest Food&DrinkScan Programme – a simple home to laboratory test supported by a personal Nutritional Therapy consultation.


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