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Making positive changes with the LiverCheck test

Making positive changes with the LiverCheck test

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Most of us are generally aware of the negative impact alcohol can have on our liver. However, fewer people know that:

With alcohol-related hospital admissions at a record high, it has never been more important as it is today to get your liver checked and identify lifestyle changes you can make to improve your health.

Two members of the yorktest team decided to take a proactive approach to improving their liver health by taking the LiverCheck test.

After a simple finger prick test, the ALT and AST enzyme levels in Jonathon and Charlotte’s blood were measured and they were given a simple liver health score and guidance on how to improve this.

Taking the test in five simple steps

1) Order your LiverCheck testyou can do this online or order over the phone by calling yorktest’s friendly team on 0800 074 6185. When you receive your test kit, the first step is to fill in the customer details form to accompany your sample.

2) Collect your blood sample – Follow the simple instructions in your kit, which will explain how to collect your blood sample in the collection pot provided. There’s no need to be nervous about this. It’s a simple prick of the finger.

3) Post your sample to our laboratory – Place your blood sample, used lancets and customer details form back into your kit box and use the pre-paid envelope to post it back to our laboratory.

4) Receive your results within 10 days – your results will include a score ranging from green (optimal enzyme levels) to red (high enzyme levels) and a comprehensive guidebook. This will advise you on the next steps to take to improve your liver health.

5) Follow guidance on how to improve your score – Use the guidebook and lifestyle planner provided to identify changes you need to make to improve your levels. Consult with our friendly team if you have any further questions. Once you have made the required changes, consider a retest, which will outline the impact your efforts have had on your liver health.

Q&A with the yorktesters


How would you describe your drinking habits?

I love to socialise and going out on a weekend is often paired with quite a few drinks. I have the odd glass of red wine a couple of nights throughout the week too.

 What were you expecting from your LiverCheck results?

I knew it wouldn’t be 100% optimum but I am really surprised about the impact alcohol is having on my health. It has really opened my eyes.

What did your LiverCheck results reveal?

How did you feel about your results?

I was kind of expecting not to be in the green but it wasn’t until I opened my results that it really hit home. I am definitely going to make a conscious effort to improve my LiverCheck score.

 Will you change anything about your lifestyle?

I will cut down my drinking on weekends, have a glass of water in between each drink and also drop the couple of glasses of wine during the week. This will also prevent me from a food binge of fatty foods the next morning which isn’t contributing towards my liver health either. Doing this process has taught me a lot!


 How would you describe your drinking habits?

 I usually drink on Friday and Saturday nights and increasingly, I’ve found myself having the odd beer on a weekday evening, especially when football is on.

 What were you expecting from your LiverCheck results?

 I suspected that my liver health had been affected by my drinking habits, but I wasn’t sure to what degree. So I was really curious to find out.

 What did your LiverCheck results reveal?

How did you feel about your results?

 Overall, I was relieved to be in the green (and was able to gloat to Charlotte). But there is still room for improvement there.

 Will you change anything about your lifestyle?

I intend to make positive changes to both my diet and drinking habits. For example, I will look to reduce my drinking at the weekend and cut down on snacks. I’ll then take a retest in a year’s time to see the impact of this. Using the LiverCheck results guidebook and lifestyle planner has been a really good reference and has taught me things that I didn’t know about maintaining the health of my liver.

^ https://www.britishlivertrust.org.uk/about-us/media-centre/facts-about-liver-disease/



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