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Covid-19 Immunity Tracker Test Research

Covid-19 Immunity Tracker Test Research

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Here at YorkTest, we believe that our research work has been a key element of our business, driving us forward throughout our 39-year history. Our recent research into our Covid-19 Immunity Tracker Test outlines this.

YorkTest Laboratories research reports on a 2,500% increase in antibody levels to Covid-19 between the first and second vaccination to the coronavirus. This reflects recent findings published in the BMJ1 which showed that after a second vaccine dose high antibody titres (≥250U/ml) were observed for nearly all people across all ages, demographics and clinical groups.

A summary of results from YorkTest Laboratories initial Covid-19 Immunity Tracker Test research:
·         Trial participants2 reported on average 36.5 U/ml of antibodies to Covid-19 after one dose of vaccine3
·         After two doses of vaccine, participants reported an average of 949.5 U/ml of antibodies to Covid-194
·         People who had previous coronavirus infection but had not been vaccinated reported an average of 37.4 U/ml of antibodies to Covid-195

This initial research from YorkTest supports the Government’s call to action for all UK adults to get double vaccinated to maximise your antibody protection against the Covid-19 coronavirus.  

Find Your Freedom with YorkTest. 

Covid-19: Most UK adults had antibodies after one dose of AstraZeneca or Pfizer vaccine, data suggest. BMJ 2021;373:n1274
Our initial trial consisted of 20 people in total. We are now looking to expand this trial and YorkTest is offering a free Covid-19 Immunity Tracker to the first 100 people who call our Customer Service Team on 01904 410 410. The next 250 people will receive a Covid-19 Immunity Tracker Test for only £25 if you agree to share your results on an anonymous basis for this important research all finger-prick blood samples must be taken and returned to the laboratory by 31st July 2021.  
3Tested on average 29 days after their first vaccination, for participants who have not previously had Covid-19.
4Participants who were tested for Covid-19 antibodies on average 34 days after their second vaccination.  Average age of participants was 50 years, equally split between male and female
5Participants tested on average 354 days after reported coronavirus infection and average age of 42 years


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