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2019 Food Trend Predictions

2019 Food Trend Predictions

4 minute read time

Do you ever remember a time before avocado and egg on toast? We don’t either! Over the years we have seen a range of superfoods that are now influencing and dominating kitchens, as well as in restaurants.

In 2017, we saw the emergence of tasty treats that went viral over Instagram and social media, such as black ice cream made from charred coconut and galaxy smoothies. In 2018, we saw heme, South American food and fermented foods taking a precedence in recipe books, restaurants and social media.

So, if you can’t make a meal without your beloved kale, coconut oil or sweet potato, then brand new food trends are coming for you in 2019.

We’ve got a sneak peak of which food trends you should expect to see in 2019 from our qualified nutritional therapist, Ali Orr.


Gut health remains a solid focus in 2019 and beyond. Ali Orr says “probiotics can help support a healthy gut microbiome. This is the good, bad and commensal bacteria that lives within us. An imbalance in gut bacteria not only contributes to digestive distress such as IBS symptoms but has also been associated with diabetes and obesity.

“Hippocrates stated that health begins in the gut and that seems to be even more prevalent today. A healthy gut supports a healthy, functional and balanced body and, therefore, life. Of all the supplements available, probiotics are one that certainly are at the top end of the list”.

Sea greens

Sea greens will be having a moment on the shelves in 2019. “They have been incorporated into diets around the world for centuries. One of the worlds Blue Zones (where people live considerably longer than the average life span) Okinawa, Japan, regularly consume seaweed as part of their diet, suggesting it could contribute to longevity (alongside various other healthful practises)” Ali says.

“Supplements have also used sea greens which contain high levels of minerals which are bioavailable, meaning the body can absorb them easily. The trend seems to be that sea greens will be hitting the supermarket shelves in butters, noodles and snacks!”

Vegan food

Gone are the days where you receive a plate of lettuce and tomatoes after ordering the vegan option at a restaurant. In 2018, we saw high-street restaurants, like Nando’s and Pizza Express, incorporating more vegan choices to their menus across the country. In 2019, this trend won’t change.

Ali says that a plant-based diet is becoming very popular these days. “If done correctly, it can be a very healthy way to live. It is not necessary to be vegan to enjoy the goodness of plants, however. Incorporating brightly coloured vegetables and dark green leafy vegetables into your diet on a daily basis will help increase the micronutrient (vitamins and mineral) content of your diet.

“These micronutrients are essential for proper functioning of the whole body from the immune system to energy levels. They help optimise health and can put a spring of vitality into your life. Just be aware that not all plant-based foods are healthy, just because something is plant-based doesn’t ensure it is not full of processed oils or added sugar. Some processed plant-based foods may actually be harmful if consumed regularly. The best route to incorporate plant-based foods into your diet it to cook them freshly yourself or enjoy them raw” Ali explains.


Good news for those on dairy-free diets! Hemp will be taking the lead in non-dairy milks next year, so if you’ve exhausted coconut, almond and soya alternatives, this one could be for you.

“Hemp is a complete protein meaning it has all the essential amino acids the body needs and, in a form, that the body can absorb. It can be a great addition to a plant-based diet or included for the high protein, fibre, vitamin and mineral content into anyone’s diet.

“Hemp can be added as a protein powder, seeds sprinkled into or onto a recipe or even taken as a milk alternative – fantastic if dairy is to be avoided”.

Eco-friendly packaging

Not necessarily food itself, but it’s something we should all be taking a closer look at next year. The packaging of store-bought food has drastically come into focus over the last few years. Plastic straws are being swapped by cardboard alternatives in many pubs and restaurants, and we saw Europe’s first plastic-free supermarket aisle open up at the start of 2018 in the Netherlands.

“Sustainable eco-friendly packaging has to be a priority for our all products in the future. Hopefully the trend towards eco-friendly packaging will continue and may even become one of the main reasons people buy a product.

“One of the simplest ways to prevent waste is for people to prepare food themselves at home and use containers that can be reused. When on the run, snacking on a piece of fruit would be ideal,” Ali says.

What foods should you buy in 2019?

On your next shop at the local supermarket, stock up on these foods to take on 2019 the healthy way – whilst being 100% on trend.

And look out for eco-friendly packaging!

From new food trends to New Year’s resolutions, 2019 may well see you getting more adventurous in the kitchen. But if you find your stomach is less excited about the changes, there is an easy way to confirm whether new additions to your diet aren’t working for you.

yorktest’s Food&DrinkScan Premium programme analyses your IgG reactions to 208 food and drink ingredients to pinpoint the foods you need to avoid.

What culinary delights will you be expecting on your plate in 2019?


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