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Emily Catterall Case Study

There’s no denying that we sometimes put our health on the backburner around Christmas time. Our mind is occupied with buying presents for our loved ones and friends, trying to get through a chaotic day shopping at the weekend, and keeping an eye on our bank account in case we’ve over-splurged.

During this busy time, we lose sight of what sometimes truly matters – and that’s your health and the people around you. If you’ve been struggling with problematic symptoms for a while now, such as bloating, tiredness, skin issues, or IBS – just to name a few – and you’ve already consulted with your GP, then perhaps you need to take a closer look at what foods you’re fuelling your body with. The same goes to your loved one or friend.

Just like Emily, your health could be back on track in time for the New Year. The 24-year-old was diagnosed with IBS and was prescribed two types of medications in order to control and manage her condition. However, she wanted to get to the root cause of her symptoms and couldn’t face being on medication for the long-term future.

Did you know 3 out of 4 yorktest customers were referred to by a friend?

That’s right! Our word of mouth accounts for 75% of yorktest. This is what happened to Emily when she was struggling with her IBS-type symptoms. After a recommendation by a friend, Emily took the big step with us and decided to try a programme from us.


Emily followed a yorktest Premium Food&DrinkScan Programme

Sarah helped Emily to optimise her diet safely and effectively

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