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  • Comprehensive gut health profile
  • Easy to use, single sample stool test
  • Laboratory analysed results
  • 30 minute Nutritional Therapist telephone consultation
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Gut Health Test

The Gut Health Test enables you to learn more about the ecology of your gut, helping you get to the root cause of digestive disorders and understand what’s needed to balance and improve your diet and wellbeing.

  • Expert laboratory testing and analysis
  • Convenient home to laboratory testing service
  • Free return post to our laboratory



Wednesday 21st October 2015

Pat Warrington

Very good service and good advice received.

The Gut Health Test

The ability to digest and absorb nutrients from food effectively is one of the cornerstones of good health. When your gut function is poor, you can experience symptoms associated with digestive disorders which can be uncomfortable and distressing. If this experience is prolonged, the impact on general health and wellbeing can be detrimental.

About The Gut Health Test

The YorkTest Gut Health Test enables you to learn more about the ecology of your gut.

A healthy digestive system absorbs the required nutrients from food and rids the body of waste and harmful substances.

The microorganisms in your digestive system, such as bacteria, yeast and moulds make up a unique ecological environment. It is important for this environment to be balanced in order for the gut to function at an optimum level, processing and absorbing nutrients to fuel the body effectively.

The Gut Health Test provides an ecological profile of the microorganisms present in the gut; giving the information required help you change your lifestyle and diet to improve your digestive health.

The Gut Health Test is a simple home-to-laboratory test that delivers reliable laboratory test results from the comfort of your home.

The Gut Health Test does NOT test for faecal occult blood, cancer, ulcers, food intolerances or food allergies. If you are concerned about any symptoms you are experiencing, you should always visit your GP to rule out any serious underlying conditions.

What to Expect from The Gut Health Test

The Gut Health Test kit contains all you need to take a stool sample in the comfort of your own home. Once collected, simply post your sample in the pre-paid envelope provided to the laboratory for expert analysis.

After testing is completed, your results will be posted to you and you will have the opportunity to discuss the findings with one of our BANT registered Nutritional Therapists.

To see a set of example results for this test please click here.

Please note - This test is only available to customers in the UK and Ireland.

Sadly, you are unable to take this test if you are suffering from a blood borne disease such as Hepatitis or HIV

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