Gluten Free Gift Guide


Once you discover you have an intolerance to gluten it can be difficult to adjust your lifestyle and having gluten-free friends or family can be just as challenging when it comes to Christmas. With chocolate boxes, hampers and other treats being the ideal gift for most, don’t get caught out this year and give your gluten intolerant loved ones a gift they will love.

Enid Blyton-Five Go Gluten-Free


The Famous Five are back! Now grown-ups, the gang confront the challenge of sourcing a good gluten-free cream tea! Guide your nearest and dearest on a trip down memory lane with the gluten-free Famous Five.

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Nutty Licious


Create a personalised gift for your loved ones from handpicked products which can be tailored to suit any food intolerances!

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Bread loaf tin



Although gluten-free food products are becoming more accessible in stores, there is nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked bread, and when you have a gluten intolerance. Knowing 100% that your bake won’t cause you any discomfort is even better!

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Classic home-cooked meals are great for this time of year. But living with a gluten intolerance can make cooking a bit of a chore. With dishes like spaghetti bolognese and noodle stir-frys traditionally containing glutenous ingredients, give your friends or family the gift of quick fix warming meals.

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Gluten-free brownies by The Sweet Reason Company


There’s nothing quite like indulging over the Christmas period, but for some of us, gluten restricts our tasty treats. This selection of gluten-free brownies is sure to satisfy those cravings.

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Personalised gluten-free cookbook



Create a personal cookbook for your loved ones to enjoy all year round. With 36 recipes from professional chefs.

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