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YorkTest is a leading scientific laboratory. Our tests are designed to allow customers to take a sample in the comfort of their own home and post it back to the laboratory for rigorous analytical testing. 

On arrival at the laboratory your sample is processed with the utmost care and attention, and all the sample information is stored on a secure IT system. Each sample has a unique number to allow us to track it through the testing process. This enables all the chemical reagents and equipment used to be logged through the sample testing process. Once booked in, your sample is then tested by trained scientists using dedicated operating procedures to ensure that sample reproducibility is kept to a maximum.

All equipment used in the testing of the sample in the laboratory is scrupulously maintained and is of the highest calibre. All the tests conducted in our laboratory have dedicated quality control limits and the laboratory is also externally audited yearly to ensure we fulfil all the criteria required to meet internationally recognised standards.

Your test is checked at seven key stages and tracked intensively throughout the laboratory process. A trained senior scientist personally checks each test and we only release the results when we are completely satisfied with their accuracy. Once your sample has been tested it is disposed of in a secure manner and the information gained from your sample is held, in accordance with the highest legal requirements, in our secure data storage system. Each sample tested has a customised results pack assembled and dispatched to you, by first class post. 

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